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Zippmo Customer Reviews

PRODUCT: Urban Survival Kit for Two People


REVIEW: This two person kit is from ZIPPMO SURVIVAL GEAR, who are newcomers to the survival/disaster kit market, but I think they have done a remarkable job of assembling a well thought out line of kits that will not empty your wallet.

I plan to briefly touch on all the main components included in the kit, so let's get started.


The Backpack:

The whole kit packs easily into the large khaki green and gray backpack with plenty of space for additional supplies and personal items. I want to touch, just for a moment, on the choice of colors for the pack. All too often these types of kits come in bright orange or yellow packs often emblazoned with "SURVIVAL PACK" in large bold lettering. And there's nothing wrong with that, but consider this for a moment a disaster natural or manmade strikes your area. Your neighbors are totally unprepared for whatever reason and there you are with the answer to their prayers on your back. People can turn nasty when deprived of the basic comforts they have become so accustomed to. It is a better idea to "fly under the radar" with a neutral colored pack. In this kind of situation my priorities lie with my family once they are safe and cared for then I can help others. The pack has a multitude of zippered compartments and pouches and the carry straps are nice and wide. A well padded chest strap and snap clasp hold it securely on your back. Two mesh water bottle holders, one on each side, easily hold a one quart water bottle.


Food and Water:

Included in the kit are 12 pouches of Datrex drinking water. Each pouch holds 4.2oz. Admittedly this is half the amount other suppliers include but you can always get more. I prefer pouches over the cartons included in other kits as they are well made and very resistant to bursting if heavy loads are put on them. Try to purchase additional water/food supplies from a supplier with good stock rotation. Even though they have a five year shelf life it's a waste of time and money if your supplies arrive with 4 out of the 5 years already gone. Mine have a pack date of 06/2011 and expire 06/2016.

Also included are 2 Datrex 2400 calorie food packs. Well, what can I say about these other than it beats starving to death. The food packs are designed with as small a footprint as possible to save space. They have the same 5 year shelf life. Each outer pack holds 12 "cookies" that have a shortbread coconut flavor. They have been designed to give you a reasonably flat energy curve without making you too thirsty. WARNING: if you have special dietary needs, food allergies or certain medical conditions please consult your physician about the safety of these food bars.....better safe than sorry.


General supplies:

2 emergency survival pouches (sort of an updated version of the trusty old space blanket) are sealed at one end. This will help keep you warm but watch the moisture buildup in the blanket. People tend to wrap these too tightly around themselves thereby trapping moisture inside and you could end up with damp clothing from your own perspiration.

2 light sticks are included. Where would we be without light sticks...well in the dark? These are great for low level small area illumination while you find your emergency lanterns or candles.

1 five in one whistle. This might look cheap but it will certainly do the job. The whistle is VERY loud. The button compass is surprisingly accurate, but is slow to respond. I checked it against my orienteering compass and my GPS. The body of the whistle will hold waterproof or strike anywhere matches, and the signal mirror is recessed into the cap, which isn't the best place for it. However I do have my doubts about the ferrocerium rod glued to the side because it seems a bit small to throw good sparks. I would suggest a Swedish FireSteel Scout. It is small but gives great sparks.

1 Bic lighter and 25ft of paracord are also included, and both have numerous uses.

10 water purification tablets are included and can be invaluable if you suspect your water might be contaminated. 1 tablet will treat 1L of suspect water.

1 multitool; this is a great improvement over the Swiss Army Knife clones offered in many kits. This one is hefty and well made. It also comes with its own nylon sheath with belt loop and assorted bits.

1 radio, flashlight, alarm and cell phone charger is also tucked into this kit. This was something of a surprise as I was expecting a cheap badly thought out/assembled model. Well I was wrong. The flashlight is very bright and has a good focused beam. The FM radio found all my local stations and the Weather Band needed to be tuned because it locked a WB channel in a neighboring town. After a quick scan it's now locked into my local station. I can't comment on the cell phone charger as my phone has a different socket. As for the alarm, should you hit the alarm button by mistake you won't make the same mistake twice!

Also included are 2 dust masks that can help filter out dust and particulates. A pair of work gloves is included and is handy to have if you need to clear debris from your shelter area. A deck of playing cards is also included. Why bother with cards? Well they are great boredom breakers with everything from snap to solitaire to poker. Many of these items come packed into two large heavy duty waterproof bags.

The last things included are a first aid kit and a toiletries kit. The first aid kit is a far step above the usual "Band-Aid and boo-boo cream" some kits include. There are too many items to list individually here but it's an excellent base for your own kit to add personal items to. The toiletries kit is great for the grab and go situation where you might not have time to grab your own toiletries and get them in a bag. This, like the first aid kit, is a good starting place for your personalized kit.



Please do not forget about the four legged family members. Use a sturdy child's school backpack. Pack: food & water, extra water purification tablets, pet's favorite toy, dog/cat boots (to protect your pet's paws from broken glass, twisted metal, etc.), extra harness (not a collar, because it can become hooked on sharp objects) & lead, gauze (in case your pet sustains an open wound) and an old clean sock (to discourage your pet from chewing off the gauze and licking the wound), thermal blanket, plastic bowls (for food and water), anything your pet associates with safety (as long as it fits into the backpack), and any medication your pet must have on a daily or weekly basis (contact your vet).


PRODUCT: Urban Survival Kit for One Person

REVIEWER:  R. Mitchell 

REVIEW: Turns out the pictures didn't do the kit justice. These guys really went the extra mile putting these together. Everything is organized very well and of high quality. I'm impressed. For the price, I don't think you'll find a better one out there. The multi-tool is a real multi-tool and has already accompanied me on several trips. The dynamo flashlight/radio actually picks up a local weatherband (Seattle Area). The first aid pack has a nice assortment of items including sunblock and bug sting relief! Toiletries kit has tissue paper, soap, sanitizing wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste. Like I said, great kit. Kudos to you guys.


PRODUCT: Extreme Survival Kit for Two People

REVIEWER:  S. Nelson

REVIEW: I did a lot of reviewing and searching and finally decided to give the Zippmo extreme kit a shot. I'm glad I did. This is a very well thought out bug out bag. I love the Mora knife and plan to use it whenever I go camping (if you haven’t heard about Mora knives check them out – they are amazing blades). Datrex water packs and food packs are the way to go. Comes with a nice compass/signal mirror, magnesium fire starter (need to scrape off the outer film and then it works great – don’t try it indoors unless you want to set your rug on fire!) wire saw (slow but effective at cutting large branches), fox whistle (loud!), paracord (very useful in so many ways), lightsticks (already tried one and it lasted all night long), mayday crank light (don’t care much for em but it works fine), bic lighter (small but bulletproof), great first aid kit, good sanitary kit, and the best survival blankets I’ve ever seen (thick and totally cocoon your body). Don't waste your money on one of those cheap dime a dozen survival packs. Get one of these. They are way better and come with so much more.


PRODUCT: Extreme Survival Kit for Two People

REVIEWER:  M. Knight

REVIEW: The backpack itself is better than I expected. Not that I would want to use it every day but for this purpose I believe it will hold up very well. The knife is really sharp. Mora has a solid rep and makes good knives. The first aid kit has a ton of good products in it (even sunscreen and bug repellent). A+ on that one. Toiletry kit has soap, toothbrush and paste, hand wipes (good idea) lots of tissues, and maxi pads (which also make great bandages in a pinch). The food and water are both Datrex. Interestingly enough, on the back of the water packs it says that one should try to go the first 24 hours without water and then drink 8oz per day minimum. Not sure I would try that but this stuff is Coast Guard approved so they probably know what they are talking about. Something else of note, the food has coconut in it, so if you're allergic to coconut you would need to eat something else. Let's see...the survival pouches are much better than the usual space blankets and actually encompass your whole body like a sleeping bag (I'm 6'2"). The Fox whistle is really loud and drives my dog nuts. The fire starter and compass look solid. Lightsticks are a great addition. The crank flashlight is made by mayday and seems a bit fragile...but it works well and gives a surprising amount of light (though it's good to have the lightsticks as backup). They also put in a first aid reference sheet which has some good basic suggestions on it. Zippmo gets another A+ for shipping and customer service. My order was sent out within hours of placing it. That doesn't happen very often.


PRODUCT: Urban Survival Kit for Four People


REVIEW: Just want to say how happy I was with my order. They answered all of my questions promptly and delivered my four person survival backpack within four days. Thank you. The backpacks are beautiful by the way.


PRODUCT: Urban Survival Kit for Two People




REVIEW: "I was very happy with the purchase of this pack. As another buyer mentioned, it was hard to find a bag that wasn't some bright orange or red color which would just draw a lot of attention to it. Everything came as described very neatly packaged in ziploc baggies that were separated by type of item, ie., one bag of medical gear, one of toiletries, etc., and there is still room left!! I love it!!"